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Arcadia Maritime Group is an international maritime project management & consultancy firm offering expertise on project development, project management, naval architecture, engineering and construction management.




About our management team

“It is a beautiful thing when career and passion come together”

Christian M. Poorte

Managing Director, Naval Architect, Bachelor in Engineering

Born and raised on the Frisian lakefront, Christian’s passion for sailing and ship’s carpentry evolved quickly to a vocation in naval architecture and design after his apprenticeship at Royal Huisman in 1989.

Leaving university with a degree in Naval Architecture, he gathered a versatile experience in marine engineering and project development which resulted in many well-recognized and award-winning yachts.

At Royal Huisman he has fulfilled management positions in Project Management, Design & Engineering, Business Development and Contract management. Before his appointment at Royal Huisman in 2010, Christian was a Co-owner, Chief Naval Architect and Director of Engineering at Vripack. He was involved in numerous projects,  developed and built worldwide.

In 2017 he decided to concentrate on his strength in engineering & project management and thus, Arcadia Maritime Group came to life.

Christian is member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) and The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).

Donka G. Poorte-Efremova

Project & Office Administrator, Master of Arts

Donka has taken a keen interest in languages and travelling since childhood. This aspiration of hers predestined her course of education and job preferences.

After graduating the English Language School in her hometown Rousse (Bulgaria), she got a Master Degree in Arts (English & Bulgarian) from University of Shumen.

Having worked as a teacher in English for several years, she took the challenge to immerse as an office administrator in a multinational environment in Rousse Winery JSC. At that period she could perfectly combine her two passions – languages and travelling.

When the winery got sold, she went back to the teaching endeavour again till 2006. This same year she joined the Bulgarian office of Vripack, where she got her basics in yacht engineering and project management. It is also where she met Christian, who later became her partner in life and business.

She has a good command of several foreign languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch), among which English takes the lead.

What we offer

The way we operate
Arcadia Maritime Group offers management, technical expertise and services to the full cycle of ownership of yachts, starting from the specifications & project development, naval architecture, engineering, contract and construction management, trials & delivery into the operational program. Our highly regarded technical expertise has been invaluable to clients, whether operating as owner’s representative or as technical advisors to shipyards, architects, brokers or other members of the project design & construction team.
Arcadia Maritime Group offers its services to the highest standards based on our accumulated experience and in joint collaboration with recognized partners.
Arcadia Maritime Group believes that Operational Excellence throughout our organization and process, demands that we use all resources efficiently. As a result, employees’ time must always be used resourcefully; after all, every hour spent on an unproductive task is a kind of waste. That’s why throughout, we incorporate Six Sigma methodology, to improve business processes and to reduce errors, so that we can optimize our efficiency and thus our long-term sustainability.
  • Consultancy & Management 90%
  • Project Development 80%
  • Naval Architecture & Engineering 85%
  • Construction & Refit Management 70%


Take a look on what we do.

Project Development

Project Development Services
  • Development of Client requirements
  • Development of a tender design with chosen Designers
  • Detailing tendering design
  • Hydrodynamics assessment and analysis
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Project review, development planning and cost estimation
  • Review of shipyard contract and conditions

Project and New Built Construction & Refit  Management

Project & Construction Management Services
  • Project & technical management
  • Attendance at Progress and Technical meetings
  • Model testing & evaluation
  • Design review and plan approval on behalf of owners
  • Site inspection, quality control, defect recording
  • Factory acceptance test
  • Reporting, commissioning, trials & acceptance
  • Other services that can be provided by third party specialists


Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture Consultancy Services


Our expertise is demonstrated by the portfolio of in-service designs covering all hull-types, speed regimes, propulsion systems and construction materials as referenced in the work biography.




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The scope of our naval architecture services includes the assessment of :

  • Concept Design Development
  • Hull-form Development
  • Performance Predictions
  • Propulsion System Design
  • Sea-keeping and Manoeuvring Analysis
  • Model Testing
  • Weight Engineering & Stability Analysis
  • Statutory Compliance

This breadth of scope enables us to deliver insightful naval architecture at any stage of a project: from early concept and feasibility studies, contract and Class level design to detailed production engineering, commissioning and refit. Working across all stages of design, production, commissioning and refit we can advise the correct level of scope and project structure to deliver maximum added value, minimise technical risk and engineering cost.

Our Naval Architects have an established reputation leaders in the field of hull form development and combine our breadth and depth of experience in the yacht naval markets to deliver designs tailored for good sea-keeping ability, low resistance, high propulsive efficiency and exceptional range.

Additionally our background in configuring conventional, unusual and high-tech propulsion systems coupled with the integration of stabilisation and dynamic positioning systems allows us to provide high level capability for the most demanding of yacht owners and operators.


Consultancy Services

In addition to new build design and detailed engineering Arcadia Maritime Group offers a wide range of consultancy services to support the client to ensure that the optimum and most cost and operationally effective solution is achieved.

These consultancy support services are adapted to fully satisfy the clients’ requirement and can range from detailed strategic project management or procurement advice covering the full range of design, naval architecture & engineering and construction management disciplines.

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Arcadia Maritime Group strength lies in the long term client support role from inception through build, trials to in-service support. Given Arcadia Maritime Group independence from manufacturing or production issues the company can also provide impartial advice to service the clients’ particular requirement.

The range of consultancy services includes the following:

  • Owner’s representation
  • Project initiation & development
  • Tender documentation and assessment
  • Project management and strategic planning
  • Plan approval
  • Structural analysis and audits
  • Motion predictions and stabilisation studies
  • Performance predictions and model testing
  • Weight verification studies and monitoring
  • Noise & vibration studies
  • Proof of concept studies
  • Inclining experiments and stability books
  • Sea trials


Engineering Services
Arcadia Maritime Group has worked extensively with all the major Classification Societies and brings significant depth of knowledge in achieving full Class approvals in the most efficient and effective manner.  Where designs do not comply within existing regulatory frameworks, we work closely with Class and Flag to agree compliance based on a pragmatic design solution to meet equivalent levels of safety.
Structural & Class Level Design
Linked with our experience in pre-contract design allows us to offer single source engineering for development of all naval architecture, structural, mechanical and outfit aspects to meet the most demanding rule requirements.

The scope of Structural Design & Engineering includes the following:

  • Class structural design & calculations
  • Detailed construction details & arrangements
  • Class mechanical design & calculations
  • Machinery foundations & arrangements
  • Supporting documentation as required by Flag
  • Hydrostatics & stability analysis
  • Class submittal, appraisal and evaluation

From the above engineering calculations, the company produces high quality Class level drawing packages and yacht specifications to be used for cost estimation, contract, or further detail design development by the shipyard. Where appropriate we integrate a high level of production-ready detailing into our Class level designs, thereby enabling a rapid progression into production engineering and potentially saving the shipyard valuable time and cost.

The company has extensive experience in the design of aluminium and steel and has a proven design pedigree for structures that are lightweight, robust, straightforward to construct and maintain as well as being fatigue resistant through close attention to detail.

Marine Design & Engineering
Linked with our experience in pre-contract design allows us to offer single source engineering for development of all systems and mechanical aspects to meet the most demanding rule requirements.

The scope of Structural Design & Engineering includes the following:

  • Conceptual design of marine engineering systems
  • Propulsion & maneuvering systems
  • Thruster & stabilizing systems
  • Main and auxiliary machinery selection
  • Systems design
  • Routing of piping, cable trays and HVAC
  • Class mechanical design & calculations
  • Class submittal, appraisal and evaluation
Production Design & Engineering
AMG collaborates closely with shipyards to ensure that the engineering details employed are within the accepted practice of the yard, the capability of their equipment and make optimum use of the production facilities of the yard. The production documentation is aligned and optimized with efficient construction building sequence and methods to streamline production throughput.

The scope of our services in detailed production design encompasses the following;

Full structural design and 3D development for CNC cutting

  • Plate nesting
  • CNC code
  • Bill of materials
  • Stock reports
  • Plate rolling templates
  • Assembly ISO reports
  • Workshop Drawings
  • 3D pipe routing and clash detection
  • Pipe penetrations
  • Isometric pipe arrangements
  • Pipe spool drawings
  • Detailed development of vessel outfit.
  • Technical specification, design and integration of complex outfit equipment
  • Detailed weight calculation and monitoring

The above capability, linked with our experience in pre-contract design, Classification level design and build support, allows us to offer single source engineering responsibility for all naval architecture, structural, mechanical and outfit aspects of design, from concept to reality.

Interim Management

Interim Management Services
When companies need skilled, experienced leadership to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities, contend with executive turnover or drive strategic transactions, Arcadia Maritime Group executives guide the process and assure stability through periods of transition. Our interim executives bring deep leadership, project management and operational excellence, and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to reinforce executive teams in that critical moment.

Powering Sustainability

The use of energy is growing rapidly and the resources of our planet are already under great pressure. We need to change the way we produce our energy. We need to produce more renewable energy, and the most promising source of energy is the power of wind.


Energy is to be an important catalyst for founding a better quality of life. A stable energy supply is an essential part of the infrastructure for a developed society. Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today. Be it jobs, security, climate change or food production – access to sustainable energy is essential for strengthening economies, protecting ecosystems, reducing poverty and achieving equity.

The world we live in is the one we create ourselves, by our thoughts and actions. It is therefore that the Arcadia Maritime Group is investing in a sustainable future.

By its participation in sustainable equity funds Arcadia Maritime Group invests in Vestas, the world’s largest producer of wind turbines and renewable energy hybrid solutions. Vestas actively supports partnerships and collaborative efforts intended to advance the sustainability agenda.

Through harnessing the power of the wind, Vestas 11th Hour Racing supports Vestas’ goals and is a unique platform to promote Vestas’ vision to be the global leader in sustainable energy solutions. “The Volvo Ocean Race is a proven platform for Vestas and a unique strategic fit to promote our new vision and market-leading energy solutions in our key markets while engaging with customers,” said Vestas President and CEO, Anders Runevad.

“Furthermore, our partnership with 11th Hour Racing sends a very strong signal on climate change as two leading players within sustainability combine forces to promote sustainable solutions within wind and water”.

11th Hour Racing Co-Founder, Wendy Schmidt, who is also President of The Schmidt Family Foundation, says: “sailors are the most natural advocates for the health of our oceans and waterways. Our partnership with Vestas is about inspiring positive change in the way we think about energy and the natural resources of the planet”.

“As co-title sponsors of this team, we will engage fans in increasing understanding about our vital connection to the oceans and showcase how embedding sustainability in a top level professional sports team can drive performance, efficiency and innovation. Our work has shown us this is a winning strategy.”


Where we are


Our Office

The office of Arcadia Maritime Group is located in Zwolle, The Netherlands. A beautiful town with a great maritime history. Zwolle had been a member of the Hanseactic League since 1294. The Hanseatic towns of Eastern Netherlands were powerful and impressive at that time. The Hanseatic League was a union between cities which sought to support each other. The cities’ wealth was reflected in their commanding new structures, elegant merchant houses and impressive buildings. Their wealth also resulted in the Golden age of arts (among other things). In a way, the medieval Hanseatic towns had their Golden Age before the rest of the country did. Fortunately for us, it left many traces in Zwolle…

Our office address: Assendorperdijk 1, 8012 EG, Zwolle, The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce Zwolle no: 74149806

Phone: +31 388 200 088


Contact us



Do you have a passion for superyachts? Do you want to work on new methods for the management of projects, design & engineering and yacht construction? Are you very motivated and do you have the ambition to further develop your own skills and expertise, we look forward to meeting you, please let us know!


At Arcadia Maritime Group we combine challenging projects with a friendly, enthusiastic, informal but professional working environment with an international team. Working with Arcadia Maritime Group means you have a constant drive for improvement and have evolved your knowledge, skills and experience in superyachts to a specialist level in one or more fields of naval architecture, engineering or project management.

Master your passion and future. Step aboard at Arcadia Maritime Group so we can do that together! Please introduce yourself with your motivation letter and resume.